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We Build Software  For Your Business Needs


Our softwares are all easy to use and you become accustomed to it almost immediately. This is made possible through user experience as our main focus is on helping reduce time spent in acclimatization. Good custom software should be intuitive, with a minimal learning curve and reduce training required for employees. Ours is the best fit for this 

Real time reporting

One of the amazing features that makes software great is having a real-time report where you can quantify your impact.  Our software comes with real-time reporting that makes it easy for you to understand the direct impact of certain features which can help increase communication in your business 


Safe & Secure

Our softwares are safe and secure to install across all devices. This is made possible because we follow safety metrics and make sure safety assessment is done before deployment.

Customer Support

At Kcysoft, we do not just leave our customers alone we provide a range of services from planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading of our software.  This is in to provide timely and empathetic help that keeps our customer’s needs at the forefront of every interaction


Attendee HRM Solutions

Simple to use Human Resource Management System tailored to simplified time-consuming and repetitive task of HR Managers in an organization.


Fully Flexible for your company’s need 

Build For Organization to automate their HR and Organisation Operations

 This has power over 1000 businesses to help in their Employee management, appraisal system, Time and attendance, Shift management, Employee self-service, Payroll management, Recruitment Management, CRM and Accounting. Join over 1000 businesses today!

Send app

send App

Simple and easy to use email marketing for your business

it helps you create and send a powerful email campaign to your audience with an elegant drag and drop email builder

Email Integration API

We make email sending easy, by letting you connect your internal Application or CRM directly into the Email gateway using one of our off-the-shelf API’s. Connecting via our API lets you send email campaigns as you would within our SendApp platform, but from the comfort of your own software.

SMS Integration API

Would you like to integrate SMS into your website or application? Our flexible suite of SMS API’s provides wide-ranging business benefits, allowing you to modernize your communication processes and automate interactions by adding text messaging to your daily workflow.

HRM Assistant 

Create Your HRM Software in 5 Minutes

Enhance your HR consulting with our cutting-edge solution to simplify Company’s HRM process for optimal results.


Recruitment Management

It helps Company to manage job announcements and applications easily through their account and cut down your recruitment costs.


Payroll Management

This System helps to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filings. These tasks can include keeping track of hours, calculating wages, generating payslip etc.


What You Get

Employee Management

Appraisal System

Time & Attendance

3rd Party Support

Shift Management

Payroll Management

Recruitment Management

Employee Self-Service

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